Tunnel diving in Pula - who wants to go to Dahab?

This video we took at a dive site in Pula, Croatia. There we found three tunnels. The shortest and shallowest was in -3m depth (video). As we went through the second one (this one), I saw a sort of window in the upper corner. Needless to say that we had to find out what that was (video). And then the whole thing got really crazy. We went back (video) and forth, back into the cavern (video), back down for more bubble rings (video), back out (video), back in and so on...

At some point we had totally forgotten about the guys from the Orca Divecenter that where waiting for us outside, wondering where the hell those freedivers went.

When we arrived at the third tunnel (entrance at -17m) a group of scuba divers had just left it and messed up the visibility so we did not really dare to go in. (I must admit, I was quite a bit tired from going crazy in tunnel #2)

So we have all the reason to go back to that wonderful place for more fun diving...


Wreck diving at the Draga

The sea was kind of choppy and the rope was going down at a 30° angle but we had our first wreck dive at a beautiful wreck south of Pula.

The Draga was a stone freighter until it sank to 39 m depth. We did not went down to her all the way since the current was making preparations for the dives difficult and the rope (though we used it to pull down) was going down with quite an angle. So we went to -30m quite some times. A depth where you can see this 28m long ship perfectly well.

We went in after the scuba divers and since Marco, the dive guide, was so kind to take my camera, we got quite some nice photos out of this dive.


Safety at the German Championships 2006

This is the safety and jury from the German Championships 2006. I was helping the organization as one of the safety divers (very left). That experience helped me a lot gaining more knowledge about freediving competitions and safety procedures.

I safetied all three disziplines (DYN, STA and CWT/CNF). I'm happy that I only needed to act once when an athlet BOed after surfacing.


Hello world

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Give me some time to figure this thing out and we can start with the good stuff.

I have a lot to tell...