Success in training

I just wanted to let you know that I was doing 4:16 min static and 75m DNF (dynamic no fins) in training on Wednesday. That is only 0,6 points less than my performance in the RMC.

I am very happy I was able to repeat that. It shows me that I am on the right track. I found my way back into static and want to continue doing 75m dives in training in order to go further.


Rhein Main Cup 2008 - PB DNF 79 m!!!

Another one down... but for a long time this is the first competition with two successful dives.

I was taking away the pressure of the static dive by reducing both my announced performance and my own expectations. After all, I was there for the dynamic dive. So with an astonishing late and relatively short worm up of only three dives around 2min I got to 4:09 min and only stopped because I wanted to save myself for the DNF. I must say that Stigs method of training and diving really changed this discipline around for me. Daniel did a nice job coaching me. I cannot remember when I had a more relaxed competition dive.

Then came the big dive. I was maybe slightly more nervous which I was treating with the usual mambo-jumbo (yoga, music, meditation, autogenic training, visualization).
When I finally got in the water I was so relaxed I had to mess it up. For some strange reason I closed my eyes after pushing off. Now, that can be good for a nice and sleepy dive... but it was not. When I opened them again I realized I was off track. Not much but a bit. When I got to the wall I turned and pushed off and... closed my eyes again!?! Result: I was not pushing off straight but down and hit the ground at about 4m from the wall. Well, that woke me up a little but did not really help me.
At the next turn I tried so hard to make it a good one that I messed that up as well slipping and sliding with my feet along the wall and crouching my body together way too much... nothing like the nice and easy turns I usually do. When I finally did push off (with not so much of an effect) I thought, well that’s nice, you only have one more chance to make one good turn in this dive.
With my previous PB being 72m, I never really made a third turn before, though...
On the way down to it things were getting a little funny but I wanted to get there. The will to make that turn was stronger than the fear. I remembered my first 100m DYN dive. Also no perfect dive with a lot of will power and like then I focused on the line and sad to myself, it's now or never! Stick to that line and you'll get there.
And when I eventually did, I made the best turn of that dive, pushed off and made for the edge of the pool. There, I took off my mask before I started shaking like I have never done before. I was doing the samba, I had problems taking off my nose clip and the magic words "I am ok" sounded so strange that I apologized to the judges and said them again. After Pim gave me my white card he said he wanted that video to use for educational purpose... That says a lot!

But, it is official! New PB in diving on one breath without any fins: 79m!

I really hope my next competition dive is going to look a lot different and I can improve this. I am on track with my little plan so this one was maybe not the luckiest but it was one step on the way to get to 100m. Now that I have overcome lane 3 it is time to start thinking about lane 4. I love this sport!

PS: After the competition I was elected Vice President of AIDA Germany. I want everyone to address me like this from now on. Well... at least once.. for the fun of it... ;)

PPS: I have a video of the dive but I wont show. Not just because it really looks like I do not know what I am doing but also because I think the camera man was drunk and I dont want you guys to get sea sick.



The reason why I did not write anything about this wonderful event is simply because I was even more unfortunate then in Dahab.

Just before the first competition I caught a virus. I felt a little weird in the morning. Would not eat at all. And then after announcing the performances I felt like all energy was drained from me. I really had problems to keep myself upright. No good!

That was it for me on that weekend. I did not get in the water onece. Exept my feet when I coached Elisabeth and Natalia (yes, she asked me to coach her through her worm-up:). And that was it. Luckaly we had a great time in Venice, a place where one should only go when happy in love.

Never the less I want to bring your attention back to the website of the EEC since they have just published a first video of the event. The cameras they had in place where really impressive and I hope we will see more of this in the future.


Emergency call for Long Night of Apnea, Berlin 2008-11-15

Only 4 weeks to go and we still have very little registrations for the Long Night of Apnea.

Please register now or we will have to cancel the competition.

Register here!

or send an email to m.mueller@aida-deutschland.de

The LNA is the competition with the longest tradition. This year it is the 11th time national and international athletes come together for STA, DYN and the world famous 16x50m.

Accommodation is cheap in the club house and the atmosphere is very German, so very cozy.

If you had plans to come, regiser NOW! If you had not, THINK ABOUT IT! You are all welcome!