New PB in Competition!!! -47m

This was my day! Everything, really everything worked just how I wanted it.

My tactic retreat yesterday was just the best thing to do. I was busy anyways because of both safetying and judging in the water. But it was good not to rush the big dive and get some rest.

Then, when I woke up this morning I felt so confident, it was almost scaring me. The training dive to -45m felt more stressful than this. Had a nice light breakfast, went out to the Blue Hole, did my yoga, did my meditation, visualized the dive, got in my wet suit and went out to sea. All very casually and calm.

For worm-up I did two FRC dives to -10 and -15m practicing mouth-fill technique and equalization. Then, Elisabeth pulled me over to the competition zone.

When I dived in, I hit the "duck", the little yellow paddle boat that Sebastian turned into a CBS platform, but that did not distract me. I went down.

I equalized almost 3 times a second. In about -30m I got a nice mouth full of air that I was using quite nicely until around -42m. There, I don't know why, I lost it... And there was now was getting it back. Equalizing did not work anymore so I had to take my chances. I was riding my ears for the last 5 m, grabbed the tag and took off again.

Despite the trouble at the bottom I managed to stay calm and move up nicely along the line. I sipped in the air, I used earlier to equalize the mask (that is new for me) and I was slowing down when I saw Annelie, my safety diver.

Out of the water I took a deep hook breath and performed a nice surface protocol and obviousley sank back into a little trance or some sort of worshipping the rope... who knows...

In any case, I was the happiest diver on this planet after I got my white card.

And whats next? Maybe a -50m dive on Friday...??? Who knows...?

Safety: Annelie Pompe
Coach: Elisabeth


Back on Track

Today, I felt like I had some strengh back and so schedueled a training dive.

I prepared quite intensive for it because I do not have so many days left to do what I came here for.

With the wonderful help of my loveley mermaid, I managed to dive down to -45m which is my personal best from last year. The dive went all well until the last 2 meters where I could not equalize any more and then I forgot to look out for the arch at the bottom and hurried back up... :(

But I am confident, that I can do that again and a bit more. So tomorrow I will rest and "just" safety all the other family members who gathered for this competition and probably announce -47m for the day after tomorrow.

Wish me luck... (although, luck is not a factor)


Training in Dahab

So now I have finally made it out to the El Dorado of the freediving world. Dahab really rocks and I had a very good first training reaching -40m easily.

BUT then... Dahab is unfortunately a place where you get diarrhea as well. And that is no good for freediving . So I was totally paralyzed yesterday and had to skip training today as well.

But then I was getting in the water to have a go at the “bells” which is beautiful.

Since I am missing two training days now, I will not compete on the first competition day and will try some more deeper dives tomorrow.


Freediving is sexy

On my journeys through the world wide web, I have just come across a wonderful website about IWASE Yoshiyuki (岩瀬禎之) and his work.

Taken between 1931 and 1964, his pictures are a very rare documentation of the life of Japanese Ama (海女) who most people know as "pearl divers" but where in fact also harvesting seaweed and sponge.

In most documentations and literature about freediving these women are mentioned as an example of how this most natural way of diving is and always was part of harvesting sea goods.

Iwase's collection is not only a stunning historical document but also a proof of how sexy freediving can be. The original idea of mermaids comes to mind when watching these Silver Print photographs.

Unfortunately, today’s Ama are dressed in neoprene and in average 50 to 60 years older than the girls Iwase shot as being an Ama in not really a desirable profession for a young Japanese women.

So check out the side and enjoy the view into a different time and space.

PS: There is a nude section as well but I like the Ama pictures much better. Must have something to do with the goggles...