Terror alarm at the airport

I really enjoyed traveling to all those competitions in the first half of this year. I was getting really good at these short term weekend trips packing all my judging stuff in one bag... untill I went to Upsala!

On the trip there something strange happened. If you have traveled as much as I did, both for work and pleasure, you'd probably take pride in knowing all the safety procedures and be prepared. You put your bag on the band, take yur laptop out, put money, keys and phone in the box and even show your tooth paste and whatever other liquides you carry in the little plastic bag. Your water bottle is empty, your belt and shoes don't trigger the machien, if the random generator gets you, you know just what to do. And in case you forgot something in your bag they will ask you to open it up and look at it.

Not this time!
This time when I got to the security, they send my bag back into the big black box. Then things started to become tens with the guys. They asked a second oppinion from the guys of the next lane. Then they called a suppirior. He decided to call the police and the poloce man arriving decided he needs to call his supperior. Then this police officer asked me to stay away, give him my passport and not to panic. And, you know, telling somebody to not panic is like telling him not to think of an elefant (I bet you saw an elefant right now).

So after checking my background and taking some more suspiciouse looks at my suspiciouse bag they decide that the best thing to do is to carefully ask if I happen to carry a timing device. Now I start thinking... of course I do, I'm a judge...
So even now, I am not allowed anywhere near the bag. I have to yell to tell the police man how to open my bag to find the book of AIDA rules and the stop watches that I put in there. They open it up (carefully, slowley) and see that it is nothing but... a set of competition rules for freedinving and two stop watches.

Somebody speakes into his walkitalki calling off the bomb squat and SWAT team and I get my passport back with the remark to not leave my stop waches on a book again.

Apperantly what happened was that the rules gave an oragne coloured echo indicating an organic substance just like explosives would. My stop watches on top of that was making it look like a bomb. The real funny thing is that I'm sure I was traveling like this before... But, on the way back I was thinking to be real clever and took the electronic watch out which triggered the Swedish securities to stop me a for the mechanical one. Only tey did not make such a big fuzz about it. Maybe it's on my profile now: traveles with rules and stop watches. Other than that, harmless.


Level D-Judge now

Together with 23 other judges I have been promoted to Level D-Judge last week.

This is an important step because it allows me to head international competitions in the future.

I had been working towards this promotion at the end of last year and beginning of this year and so am very happy.

I also applied for judging the World Championship in Aarhus this summer and (to my surprise) was accepted. So, I will get my first C experience there. Exciting!

I just hope I will not get into too much difficulties as I do not want to be judging Elisabeth or any close rival of hers. If possible I want to avoid to be in the position where my judgment can be questioned by reason of conflict of interest. Let’s see how this will work out.

In any case I am happy to be judging so much as it gives me the feeling of still being part of the freediving while my injured shoulder is keeping me from competing myself. But don’t worry, I am getting sick and tired watching other people dive while I cannot even get into the water…