Judging at the RMC 2007

As one of the appointed judges was unable to make it I was asked to judge at the Rhein Main Cup (RMC). I heard a lot about the supreme organization of this competition but still was astonished to find it exceed the expectations. One can learn a lot from just visiting the event.

With Susan Kluytmans, Pim Vermeulen and Hans Pütz I had three very experienced judges on my side. It was a pleasure working with these guys.

The two most incredible performances I was judging that day where a new Dutch record in static (Eric van Riet Paap, 7:07) and an incredible dynamic no fins no arms by William Winram (114m). You can find a video of both Erics and Williams performance on Shark-Freedive.

I also saw the cutest DQ when one athlete got a kiss from his coach/wife right after finishing his SP but before I could wave a white card in his face.


  1. Hallo Martin,
    einfach ein kurzes Hallo aus Zürich. Danke für Dein judging und für den interessant zu lesenden Blog.
    Martin Gmür

  2. Martin,

    hep me, did I show you a card?

    You are loosing track of the individual athlete when you are staying focused on the thing you have to perform as a judge.

    I just read that this was your first competition. Well done! Keep it up! Any plans to come to Berlin ;)?