Preparations for the OIC

Things are running good for the Oslo Ice Challenge. Today, Steinar and Bjarte went out to prepare the fied for us (pictures). The best tool at this point is the snow shuffel.

We are looking at 30-40 cm of Ice under 60 cm of snow. Thats enough to make for nice benches for spectators who just need to bring something to put under the bud...

I like the set-up. This will be the closest one can ever get to a deep dive competition.

Elisabeth and I where training the ice diving two weeks ago in Aarhus as you can see here.

She was actually calling this little dip a dive. I did a proper 9 sec static in that pool. And yes, there is a video that could have proven this if only the videographer would have been strong enough to leave the warm pool for filming and not just stand behind the glas door... ;)


Judging, judging... more judging

After hurting my shoulder in a snowboard accident this winter I was forced to drop my training for the 100m DNF completely and turned to more judging.
It started with the 8ème Coupe des Dauphins where I had the chance to be judging one of the most controversy discussed performances ever.
Christian Maldamé showed us how delicious a real Swiss cheese fondue can be and that it is possible to freedive in lake Geneva in January. I guess he is already training for the OIC.

Then, last weekend I was judging the Finkampen II in Åland. Being a great fan of the ocean and boats and all that, just to travel there was great fun for me. I flew into Stockholm, spend a night with Peter Boivie in Upsala and met all the other Swedish freedivers on the ferry.

With the new rules some things have become much easier to judge and some things are better to understand and beneficial for the athletes. So we were quite happy to be using them in both Geneva and Åland.

I was fortunate to again judge a really amazing performance. Ulf Dextegen held his breath for 8 minutes and 43 seconds. This is the second best result ever achieved in a competition.

I must say that the fun factor of this competition was one of the highest even. First there was a fun static in the frozen Baltic Sea (where I managed 10 s or so with no suit on), then sauna (with Champaign and beer), then Jacuzzi (with beer and that funky Finlandia mixed stuff), then outside pool (with starts above), then restaurant (with pizza, prices, karaoke and freedive drinklist), then night club (with live bands) and then a very hung over ferry ride back after not so much sleep...

Judging is fun!

What’s next?
Berlin Masters Cup 2009
Oslo Ice Challenge
1st Hemmoor No-Fins only