Competitions, competitions.... more competitions...

Berlin Masters Cup 2009

I have just put out the word, the registration form for the 11th Berlin Masters Cup in online. After a few hick-ups and the usual back and forth with the schedule and even a most unusual sabotage attack we finally made it.

According to the number of people that where bugging me about this it should be sold out quite soon. It is funny though that the once who where writing the most emails have not registered yet...

Unfortunately we had to drop the DNF for this time. It does not fit into the schedule no matter how you'd turn it. But we will be working on a solution for the next year.

Oslo Ice Challenge

Then, the preparations for the Oslo Ice Challenge, the first competition under ice, are going very well. Steinar is doing a great job finding people, finding material, testing and discussing things.

I have been drafting a safety concept that is looking very reassuring. Over Christmas I was holding a one day National Judge course for six of the Norwegian freedivers that then can help Sebastian and me as assistant judges.

1st Hemmoor No-Fins only Competition

And in the future I will return to where my freediving started and organize a little CNF training and competition event.
Traditionally the Berlin freedivers are starting their diving season at Christi Himmelfahrt (Ascension Day) and as we have a nice platform with counter ballast system installed at the lake I thought it should be easy to bring a couple of people together.