News on UW-Football

The size of the goals is that of a normal standard ice hockey goal.

Seems like the austrians had those as a left over from the under water ice hockey.

Oslo Freediving Club in the NavyTank in Berger

As Elisabeth posted on her blog, the Oslo Freediving Club took a trip last weekend to the Training facility of the Norwegian Navy in Håkonsvern, Bergen.

Georgios posted a video on YouTube now and I hate myself for being stuck here with work. I so much wanted to be there with these guys.

Anyways, I hope to see some of them in Dahab at the Bizzy Blue Hole and one day get another go on this beautifull pool.


The rules

Ok, so here is the first draft of the rule set:

Size of the field: 5x10m
We will be playing two half times of 20 minutes.
Both teams consist of three players. Two of them will be playing and one is going to be exchanged. Very likley we will be exchanging a lot.
There will be no corner balls but free kicks. The penalty kick will be from 1,1 meters. There will be not goal keeper. In the event of a penalty kick there will be one player guarding the goal but that player can not use his hands.
One referee will be in the water and one outside. The referee outside the water will be observing the outs mostley.
Grabing a player is a foul and will be panalised with a yellow card. Two yellow cards are a red card and result in the sending-off of the player. The third player can then stepp in but there will be no more chance to exchange any players.
Logically there will be no offside as there will not be that long shots.
No fins or shoes are allowed. But you can wear weights.

Thats what I know this far. I will have to find out about the size of the goals next.


Underwater Football with Christian Redl

Just when I thought things were getting kind'a quiet I got a call from the notorious self made freediving professional Christian Redl.

As the season for underwater ice hockey seems to be over, the publicity expert has been thinking up a new thing. This year Austria and Switzerland will be hosting the UEFA European Football Championship. What reason moor you need to think up underwater football?

And who would an Austrian choose as an opponent? The Germans!

So, I'm asked to put together what will be the first National Underwater Football Team in order to play a friendly mach against Austria. The mach will take place in Vienna on the 26th of April.

It looks like German dive magazine tauchen will sponsor our team to go down there.

Today we had our first training. We have already discovered some very useful techniques. Of course we will not talk about them here… ;)
Once we find out how big the goals are goanna be we will play a little more. I will keep you updated.