STA finals and DYN qualification

Today was another looooong day here in Århus for all competitors, judges and the organization.

We started at 9:00 with the static finals. Markus took a very nice video of Georgina Miller's dive in the A-Final witch I was judging.

In the B-Final, Anna took the one national record, she thought would be impossible to take for her. With a 6 min and 12 sec breath hold she was surprising herself and many others, including me.

I was having the honor to also judge Guy Brew in the means A-Final. It took him 8 min and 46 sec to decide the gold medal for him. He is a very strong diver but a bit old school. He was doing his breath-up through a snorkel. Contractions started at around 3 min and he just kept going.
After he did his protocol he was looking at me like he had just returned from a walk in the park...

We had a long break then which I used to get some food, fresh air and then watch the CMAS DYN qualification. I am very happy both federations are hosting this event together. Last year in Legnano, I already experienced the good vibes that such a combination (one event, two federations, two competitions) could create. It was interesting to see a different approach to the same thing: how to swim as far as you can under water.

Here is a video of Stig Severinsen, who started for Denmark:

The dynamic started at 5 and lasted until 8 but we judges shifted the lanes so we got some time off in between. I did not think that judging would be so much hard work. But it is quite demanding mentally and physically.

I hope to have some nice pictures and videos about the dynamic here soon. The important results for me where the ones which (obviously) I could not judge myself:

Anna von Boetticher: 154 m (National Record) -> B-Finale
Elisabeth Kristoffersen: 178 m (National Record) -> A-Finale

I cannot tell you how proud these two girls are making me...

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